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  • You do not need an IT degree to use P.A.
  • Anyone who has ever used Windows will find the functions of the system second-nature
  • Large icons for all the basic functions of the system
  • Straight-forward

Customer Relationship Management

  • Track and communicate with clients individually or through mass emails and smses
  • View a history of all communications with clients
  • Manage clients with multiple sites/sub-clients


  • Unlimited concurrently logged-on users
  • Assign tasks to certain individuals such as having a front-line person  only taking incoming calls and a back-line person assigning jobs to  employees and contacting clients

Employee Scheduling

  • Assign employees to jobs and view their schedule in a calendar format
  • Drag-and-drop jobs to reschedule employees

Search Facility

  • Search for any information in any section of P.A.
  • Filter jobs based on a combination of criteria, e.g. date range and location
  • Order information in ascending/descending order by column
  • Move column positions


  • The entire system is customisable to the needs of your company
  • Clients taking part in the testing of new features will not be charged extra for changes within the scope of the planned system

SMS and E-mail Marketing

  • P.A. offers both bulk SMS and E-mail to your clients
  • Filter clients by a number of criteria eg. Clients in a certain area, clients who had jobs done in the last week, etc.
  • Set up automatic e-mails/SMSs to clients on special occasions, such as their birthdays or once a job is completed


  • A multitude of pre-defined reports that you can run at any time for any period you choose
  • Enter your own criteria and in this way create custom reports as you need them
  • Export to a number of formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML and Rich Text format

Import and Export

  • Import and export any data to and from any program that supports importing and exporting
  • Excel, CSV, and word documents and many more supported
  • Transfer data to your favourite accounting package


  • Login screen with encrypted password that allows access users to access  certain parts of the system depending on the rights allocated to them

Convert Jobs to Quotes and Invoices

  • Convert any job card into a quote or invoice and vice-versa
  • Customise  the layout of the documents as well as the terms and conditions printed  on the bottom of the documents
  • Email,  fax or print job cards, quotes and invoices from within P.A.

Colour-Coded Jobs

  • Each job card is automatically assigned a colour depending on the status  of the job
  • All unallocated jobs appear red, all allocated  jobs appear blue, all completed jobs green and all cancelled jobs grey

Job Tracking

  • Track jobs from the time you get the call until the job is paid for Manage multiple employees/teams
  • The job card capture process follows the logical process that occurs when receiving a callout request from the client:
  1. Pre-Job: Capturing the client information, insurer (if applicable), advert type, job type, booked time and date, and allocating a plumber to the callout Post-Job
  2. Capturing items and inventory used, payment type, costs, times started and finished, whether the client has paid and whether there were any comebacks Notes and attachments
  3. Any information prevalent to the job that should be noted for future reference

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