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Hosted Desktop and Business Apps

Cloud Hosted Desktop

Why Hosted Desktop and Business Apps?

A hosted desktop and business application from Soft Edge Solutions delivers virtually anywhere, anytime, any device access to all of your applications, including your accounting/finance, sales/CRM, email, business apps, and Microsoft Office, in the desktop experience your employees are already trained to use.  Your applications are available on any Windows, Apple, or Android device, including laptops, smart phones, iPads, and tablets

Enhanced Productivity

• Access your legacy, mission critical, LOB, custom, or productivity applications from virtually anywhere on any Windows, Apple, or Android device (smart phone, tablet, or laptop)
• Extend secure access to managed Microsoft Office with your Line-of-Business applications to all employees across the organization

Disaster Recovery

• Avoid costly business disruptions as applications are always accessible anywhere there’s Internet connectivity
• All applications are backed up off-site in the event of unforeseen disasters such as flood, fire, weather, or earthquake

IT Flexibility & Agility

• Gives IT the ability to quickly and easily provision users with access to legacy applications
• Easily scale up and down to meet fluctuating employment trends
• Shift your traditional capital expense IT model to a monthly pay-as-you go operating expense model
• IT can shift focus from app maintenance to strategic projects
• Deploy new applications quickly to your users


• Provide access to any application from a secure, well-managed environment
• Eliminates the risk of running your mission critical apps on older, vulnerable hardware
• Data centrally resides in a secure cloud environment and can be controlled with your existing security policies
• Redundant data centers and extensive Microsoft expertise ensure that our hosted environments are more reliable and secure than most corporate facilities

Cloud Advantages

  • Trusted Partner - All our servers are hosted on the trusted Microsoft Azure platform
  • Improved Uptime - Microsoft Azure Cloud servers are replicated over different geographic locations.  Should one fail, the others with take over the slack
  • Improved Performance - We can automatically configure Azure to give you more processing power when needed
  • PredicatableCost - Software licensing and hosting fees are all-in-one monthly fee
  • Data Safety - Since the server are geographically replicated, even a major disaster won't wipe out your data
  • Security - All servers are isolated from one another.  All data centres adhere to the highest levels of physical security
  • Work From Anywhere - Email, apps and documents available from anywhere you have Internet

Hosted Cloud Services

  •  Hosted Business Applications - Give different branches and mobile users access to your legacy Windows applications such as Pastel, CRM, accounting and sales applications     


  •  Shared Documents - Share documents between mobile users and branches


  •  Backup Active Directory - Should your primary server fail, your cloud server will  take over to ensure there is no downtime in the case of hardware failure


  •  Web Apps - Host your own web apps with guaranteed uptime without worrying about connectivity and hardware and also ensure performance with automated rules to increase processor speed under heavy loads


  •  Hosted Email - Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email with 99.9% uptime and zero server maintenance


  •  Office 365 - Access to all your trusted Microsoft Office applications on any device


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