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How does VOIP fit into my existing network?

Many VOIP providers supply handsets that have 2 data connections on them.  This allows you to plug the one end into your existing computer network jack or patch lead and the other end into your PC or laptop.  This allows you to install VOIP handsets without having to install additional computer network points to run the VOIP handsets.  The disadvantage with this approach is that the handsets themselves are normally rated at 100Mbps and therefore limit the speed of your computer network connection  to your PC to 100Mbps.  Another problem is that should the handset become faulty, the PC will also be disconnected from the network.  We suggest additional computer network points be installed for each VOIP handset.  Of course this means additional spend on infrastructure so we advise the client and they can then decide whether the increased speed and reliability is worth the additional expense

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