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What computer network speed should I go for in my office?

As computer network installers, we advise our clients based on their specific network requirements.  1000Mbps is currently the standard speed for new computer network installations but many clients with older 100mbps networks will find that the speed provided is perfect for their needs.  If you find that your network is running slow our computer network installers can analyse the traffic flow on your network and propose a solution to address your specific requirements.  We look at the following areas in particular:

  • Switches: are the computer network switches the correct type based on the application, i.e. does the client require a managed or unmanaged switch?  Are the current switches rated to the correct speed and are they from a trusted manufacturer?
  • Cabling: Is the current cabling old and faulty or rated for too low a speed?
  • Wall boxes: Are the wall boxes or jacks wired correctly and in good condition?

Generally speaking we would suggest that if you copy a lot of high-capacity files such as images and videos and 3D models, that you go for the highest affordable speed computer network available to you but on the other hand, if you only use your network to browse the Internet and email, even a 100mbps computer network will suit you just fine

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